MiniTool Partition Wizard Crack 12.7 + License Key 2023

By | December 3, 2022

MiniTool Partition Wizard Crack 12.7 + License Key 2023

MiniTool Partition Wizard Crack 12.7 offers powerful operations on drive partition control to improve your very own disk use and secure the data. This program does some basic drive partition control, such establishes the zone, deleting the partition, wiping the partition, duplicating the zone, cloning the disk, etc. It will extend or decrease partition size because of the no-cost and risk-free wizard, which violates the constraint of the built-in drive administration on partition resizing. It can convert disk type between MBR and GPT without data loss to back up the 3TB hard drive. Also, it would possibly convert FAT/FAT32 to NTFS without computer command and convert NTFS to FAT 32 without reformatting.

Manage both standard computer and compelling drive with one solution, nothing you prefer to resize the partition or impressive amount. Convert the persuasive disk to a primary drive without data loss or some other dynamic disk ripping tools. Safely merge two cells into a bigger one without losing data. It helps boost system partition dimensions without rebooting to minimize server recovery time.


MiniTool Partition Wizard Crack 12.7 is a user interface that is organized and designed to provide ease of use and make sure that all the features and tools are available with the click of a button. The program includes the ability to perform partitioning operations and disks. You can change the cluster size from it and can format your partition. You can assign a drive letter to it, change its own tag, and can create walls. It is the ability to extend an existing partition by holding free disk space on the drive. It is possible to move/resize walls. The tool also includes the ability to merge two walls safely. Sections can be divided into at least two sections. Sections can be reproduced for other powers.

Download the MiniTool Partition Wizard Crack 12.7 license key for free to help users safely migrate their operating system from one drive to another (HDD in SSD or vice versa). This is useful once you want to move the operating system and update your devices. More features like an alternative surface assessment that evaluates the surface of the partition and determines whether there are bad sectors. Do not execute these queues until you are confident; control and press the Apply button. Make the tool features suitable for use for beginners


  • Mix 2 adjacent walls without bringing any damage to the information.
  • Set a partition label: users can add an annotation for the partition based on actual needs.
  • Help users to convert the MBR disk to the GPT disk to make use of the disk space.
  • Help users evaluate the integrity of the document system at any time.
  • Once the problem arises, it could help repair it.
  • It helps to alter the partition size without exerting any effect on the information.
  • Copy the section in addition to the data stored in the paragraph immediately to protect the information.
  • Duplicate the entire disk on a non-system disk to avoid reinstalling the operating system.
  • Recover the lost area due to a personal error, software error, virus attack, and other aspects.
  • Supports recovery of partitions with several types of file systems, such as FAT and NTFS.
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition supports functional magnetic disks.
  • It helps users to generate volume and transfer quantity.
  • Help users investigate the depth properties of a volume.
  • Assist volume format. Partition Wizard Home Edition makes it easy to manage the partitions on your disk.
  • You can copy, design, move, resize, convert or remove walls
  • Erase the contents of a section or alter the letters of these units.
  • Agreements that install Info are resolved within this product.
  • As an example, the one that pushes out of its frame.
  • It boasts of different capabilities, from resizing to deleting sections on a PC.
  • The highlights that are presented here are based on the latest adaptation that is Partition Wizard.
  • Fundamental management of adjudications, such as growth, labeling, formatting, division, deletion, alignment, and elimination of parcels.
  • The surface evaluation includes determining if the anticipated area for the circle or package has some terrible sections.

What’s New.

  • Extend the system partition to solve the problem under its characteristics of “Move/resize partition” and “Extend partition.”
  • Copy the disk partition to update the hard drive or even back up the data if your computer encounters a problem.
  • Combine two adjacent divisions as one larger securely to help maximize the space that is not used.
  • Migrate the operating system to SSD / HD to better perform the computer or make a backup of the operating system for system renewal.
  • Always check the disk/partition surface test to see if you will find bad sectors in the destination location.
  • Enable the management of disk partitions, such as creating, deleting, formatting, partitioning, deleting, aligning partitions, and more.
  • Convert a non-MBR system disk to GPT and vice versa without losing data to help a large unit or a complete operating system.
  • Convert NTFS to FAT or convert FAT to NTFS without formatting to support the Windows operating system or to store large files.
  • Configure the logical partition to significantly create more than four partitions or set the primary section to activate it.

System Requirements

  • It supports all operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 all editions.
  • It also supports windows server 2012 R2.
  • You need to have a 500 MHz X86 CPU.
  • The minimum RAM required is 256 MB.
  • You should have a mouse and keyboard.

How to install & activate MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Crack?

  • Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Crack Free from links shared below.
  • Extract .rar and download the file.
  • Install the program as installed in other software.
  • Now extract the Crack file from the download folder after completion of the installation process.
  • Run MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Full Free as administrator.
  • Or use MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Serial Key for manual activation.
  • Enjoy using MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Full Version free for a lifetime.


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